For your viewing pleasure, below are the various types of artwork I do here at Karmada Arts!

I personally enjoy using traditional (physical) media such as Copics and ink on smooth bristol board or marker paper (if needed!). I have also been known to dabble a bit in the digital side of artwork, but not as frequently as I use markers.

When I’m not using Copics or doodling, I tend to draw comics! (Tangerine Wings, TalOS, Sky’s End, and More!)

If you click on any image, a lightbox will appear and you can scroll through all the images!


Includes both my own artwork and commissions done for others!

2016-web-Pumpkin-Witch-Large-Color-Edit 2015-Lyra-web 2015-Dorian-web Cute Astronomy Witch forWeb-Elementals forweb-SC-OR-Rogue01 forweb-SC-OR-Sorcerer01 forweb-SC-SkysEnd-Chevi01 forweb-SC-SM-Minako A Page from Sky's End - Big Enough to Print! CON JOB: Acheanar Happy St Valentione's Day Celes Chere, FF6 Serenity-for-web



 TalOS-intro-pic-Flat-forweb Witchsona-2016-web COLOR-web-Inktober2015-02 COLOR-web-Inktober2015-03 COLOR-web-Inktober2015-04 COLOR-web-Inktober2015-05 COLOR-web-Inktober2015-06-in COLOR-web-Inktober2015-07 COLOR-web-Inktober2015-08 InkTest-Kai Kai-MangaStudioTest-sm COLOR-web-Inktober2015-10-02 COLOR-web-Inktober2015-09 Chevi-Flowers-forweb CON JOB - Book Cover Commission Nutmeg-Pumpkin-Fairy


Each year, I try to compile some of my favorite sketches and ideas into a “sketchbook”, basically creating Mini-Artbooks for sale at my booth. I currently have books for 2014 & 2015, as well as a three year compilation of all my Inktober works (’13-’15). Each book is 8.5″ x 11″.

Sketchbook-2014-01 Sketchbook-2014-02 Sketchbook-2014-03
Sketchbook-2015-01 Sketchbook-2015-02 Sketchbook-2015-03
InktoberBook-01 InktoberBook-02 InktoberBook-03

Sequential Artwork (Comics!)

web-TalOS-01-002 SE-001-04 SE-001-24 TW-Preview-PIc tangerine-sample-04 tangerine-sample-03 tangerine-sample-02 tangerine-sample-01 AD001-MakeAllTheThings tangerine-ringtone

Character Design/Bookwork

I’m working on an art book (“By the Roll of the Die”), and here are some of the character designs to be included!

Turnaround - Alexis Turnaround - Lyra Samothrace Turnaround - Katrina Athas Turnaround - Gavin Triggs Turnaround - Dr. Cornelius Turnaround - Amadea Lucas Ink + Pencil Amadea - Ink + PencilCharacter Chibi - Alexis "Whiplash" Geutan Character Chibi - Dr. Cornelius Character Chibi - Katrina Athas tumblr-Inktober-2014-12 tumblr-Inktober-2014-13 tumblr-Inktober-2014-15 tumblr-Inktober-2014-16 tumblr-Inktober-2014-23 tumblr-Inktober-2014-26tumblr-Inktober-2014-27Dorian-Full-BodyAmadea-Full-Body-web


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