For your viewing pleasure, below are the various types of artwork I do here at Karmada Arts!

I personally enjoy using traditional (physical) media such as Copics and ink on smooth bristol board or marker paper (if needed!). I have also been known to dabble a bit in the digital side of artwork, but not as frequently as I use markers. I also enjoy creating books and ‘zines, along with my own comics.

Images of my typical booth set-ups are at the bottom of this page.

If you click on any image, a lightbox will appear and you can scroll through all the images!


Includes both my own artwork and commissions done for others!

2016-web-Pumpkin-Witch-Large-Color-Edit2015-Dorian-web2015-Lyra-webHappy St Valentione's DayCute Astronomy WitchA Page from Sky's End - Big Enough to Print!CON JOB: Acheanar


Wallpapers are bonuses you can get by being a Patron for just $1! A beautiful marker image to adorn your desktop (or phone) each month. Look out for these to be prints later!


TalOS-intro-pic-Flat-forwebWitchsona-2016-webCOLOR-web-Inktober2015-02COLOR-web-Inktober2015-03COLOR-web-Inktober2015-07Kai-MangaStudioTest-smCOLOR-web-Inktober2015-10-02COLOR-web-Inktober2015-09Chevi-Flowers-forwebCON JOB - Book Cover CommissionNutmeg-Pumpkin-Fairy



Sequential Artwork (Comics!)


Booth Set-Ups

I have all sorts of small and medium sized prints, original art pieces, art books, ‘zines, comic books, keychains, buttons/magnets, and commissions (Sometimes I’ll dabble in other media, and those can also make an appearance)


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