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Karmada Arts is home to a handful of comics and books of varying types!

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While traveling between planets, Jeana and Arlen come across a mysterious distress signal originating in an uninhabited sector of space. Unwilling to ignore a possible cry for help, the space-farers set out to investigate. But what they find will change their lives forever…

A 24 page single-issue science fiction story in black and white contemplating life, despair, and above all hope. Content warning for images of death, and dialogue around death of the self.

Rated: Teen

Currently Available: Print Only
Status: A Second Chapter is currently being worked on due to popular request!



Kai and Ryder are a pair of Thieves-For-Hire, and they get more than they bargained for when they accidentally pick up a digital hitchhiker in their latest heist.

A science fiction comic chock full of adventure, humor, and with a dash of drama tossed in for good measure.

Rated: Teen+

Currently Available:
Status: Writing/Editing in process, Story Reformatting, script work starting in January. Book planned for next year. Much world building and character work has been done and I’ve got some great fun planned for this world! Keep your eyes open for updates next year!

Tangerine Wings 11x17-Banner---TW-forweb

A story about Angels, Daemons, and a whole lotta coffee!

Arel is your average guy trying to live an average life. Balancing schoolwork, holding a part-time job (or two), and coping with apartment life is proving to be rough. On top of that Arel’s got one other problem: He’s gotta defend the town he’s in against Daemons. Not that he really wants to though, especially when it involves a ridiculous costume, and a lack of special powers…

Rated: Teen

Currently Available: not at this time
Status: In restructuring/editing

TW-Preview-PIc tangerine-sample-01 tangerine-sample-02 tangerine-sample-04  tangerine-sample-03

Sky’s End

A story of unlikely heroes, a nationwide conspiracy, and self-discovery in a world on the brink of unbalance.

A striking vision sends a young girl on a journey, another arrives via strange means, and a young man from an exiled noble family learns just what’s outside the walls of his residence.

Rated: Teen+

Currently Available: Online Only
Status: N/A

SE-001-01 SE-001-03  SE-001-04 SE-001-15  SE-001-24


On top of writing and drawing comics, I have compiled a couple of Zines/Artbooks over the years. Between short guides to drawing and character art books, I have a variety of topics I like to cover!

How-To-Draw “Zines”

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of drawing with others (I’m often seen giving informational seminars at conventions!), and have been compiling as much as I can to eventually work on my own How-To-Draw book, but until then, I’m getting my feet wet by making small easy to follow guides!

My current favorite is the Pocket Guide to Drawing Comics – a zine I hand lettered and drew traditionally, and then screen toned using Clip Studio paint.


Art Book: By the Roll of the Die

Combination Inktober art book and character ‘Zine, By the Roll of the Die is a small art book in black and white featuring detailed inked images of characters I’ve created over the years for tabletop games and their adventures, combined with various doodles and smaller drawings I have done of them.

Pluma Magica

A thin, full-color artbook featuring art from 2012-2016. No text, just artwork! Great for inspiration and character design.

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