Karmada Arts is home to a manga-styled artist who has been drawing this way since 1995 (officially, probably earlier than that he just didn’t know what it was). Anyway, it’s been a long time.

Having a combination of self-taught knowledge and professional training, this gives his artwork a unique style all its own. his favorite media is pencils, followed by ink and Copic Markers. She’s been dabbling with digital media (such as Clip Studio Paint, and can be often found streaming his work), but mainly likes to use it for his comic creation process, since it makes screen toning a tad easier.


Also an avid cosplayer since 2001, he’s made far too many costumes for his own good! But that’s not all – he’s been competing with cosplay since around 2004, and won numerous awards. Nowadays, he likes to spend his time at conventions teaching seminars and spurring others on to make their own unique costumes.

This love of costuming led him down the path to being able to write his own book: “Epic Cosplay Costumes: A Step By Step Guide to Making and Sewing Your Own Costume Designs“! Check out the “Epic Cosplay Costumes” page (listed on tab above), or you can head to Amazon to pre-order your own copy!

Interested in my seminars for Conventions and Events? Contact me at: kristiegood at gmail dot com!

EMAIL: kristiegood at gmail dot com


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