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Greetings! In this page you’ll find pictures of both booth products (and samples) as well as set up photos, and the like!

If you click on any image, a lightbox will appear and you can scroll through all the images! For even more examples of artwork, check out the main Portfolio page. This page has the most recent highlights and extra information for conventions – such as booth layout.


I most often work in Ink and Copic marker, and sometimes dabble in pencil or watercolors!

2016-web-Pumpkin-Witch-Large-Color-Edit 2015-Lyra-web 2015-Dorian-web Cute Astronomy Witch Happy St Valentione's Day


Digital artworks are mostly hand inked, but colored via programs like Photoshop or Manga Studio.



Here is a selection of most of my current books and zines I have available, many are sketch collections from previous years, challenges I’ve worked on for fun, or informational booklets! I’m always adding new ones to the list, so if there’s something people would like to see, let me know!

Sketchbook-2014-01 Sketchbook-2014-02 Sketchbook-2014-03
Sketchbook-2015-01 Sketchbook-2015-02 Sketchbook-2015-03
InktoberBook-01 InktoberBook-02 InktoberBook-03

Sequential Artwork (Comics!)

Tangerine Wings
Slice of life, magical boy, fantastical
The story of a guardian angel who hates his job (and the dorky outfit that comes with it).

(2 issues currently, first 6 chapter book underway to be printed this summer)

TW-Preview-PIc tangerine-sample-04 tangerine-sample-03 tangerine-sample-02

TalOS (talos-comic.com)
Sci-Fi, humor, webcomic format
A sci-fi tale of two thieves for hire who pick up an extra hitchhiker on a mission.

Commission (Samples)

Often at convention I’ll do on-the-spot commissions when available! They vary between full color 5x7s, Sketch Cards, and Toned Paper illustrations.

Toned Paper/Color Image Samples

Sketch Card Samples

Booth Layout Preview

While the booth itself is constantly evolving, here’s the most recent changes made to the booth. I intend for this to be the main concept for set up, and I will be adding more books and products over time.

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